GreatCall® or Best Cellular™, What’s The Best Plan For Seniors?

GreatCall vs BestCellular first month prices.GreatCall is a company that targets senior citizens with their plans and services although Best Cellular is quickly rising as a great low-cost alternative. GreatCall sells additional services that can be added to their plans. Alternatives to GreatCall like Best Cellular focus on keeping plans inexpensive and affordable. Below is a detailed table that compares some of the current rates and features available from Best Cellular™ and GreatCall®.

Best Cellular vs GreatCall Plans

Best Cellular vs GreatCall plans.

As you can see with the chart above, Best Cellular and GreatCall both have similar plan offerings. However, the costs are very different. For example, the average customer talks for 551 minutes, sends & receives 352 text messages, and uses 291MB of data every month on Best Cellular. On our basic Unlimited Talk/Text plan, they would pay only $35 (with no extra fees) and still have over 200MB data to spare!

When we compare with GreatCall plans, that same customer would have to pay $49.99 every month (plus the $35 startup cost the first month), plus an additional $19.10 to cover their data usage. That means their first month with GreatCall service would cost a total of $104.09! Check out the breakdown below. These costs don’t include taxes or the purchase of any physical products from either company, just a plan with average usage for the first month.

Many of our older users are able to stay on our $15 plan comfortably without fear of overages. Best Cellular does offer even cheaper plans but in the table below, we used the $35 Best Cellular plan since it offers the closest comparison to GreatCall rates.

GreatCall® Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

Great Call plans are significantly more expensive when compared to Best Cellular plans for seniors. However, the company does offer some neat features available for additional monthly fees. If you’re looking to purchase a phone plan for a senior citizen who requires these services, GreatCall may be a good option. Their additional services each cost an extra $4 per service every month. GreatCall also sells Urgent Response Devices and wearables for Seniors. Devices such as these can help seniors to remain self-sufficient.

Best Cellular™ Plans for Senior Citizens

Best Cellular offers multiple alternatives to GreatCall Jitterbug phones and plenty of plans that fit the needs of our senior citizens. The Best Cellular plans start at just $15 per month with no contract, no credit check, and no hidden fees. Best Cellular plans are typically a good fit for self-sufficient seniors. If you are independent and don’t require monitoring services, Best Cellular has several great low-cost options.

Current GreatCall customers who are looking to port their number into Best Cellular can use our handy Great Call Account Number, Password & Contact Info tool to get the information they need to transfer a phone number away from Great Call. We also offer live, American customer service reps that are happy to help!

Get Started With One Of The Best Alternatives to GreatCall

If you were looking for alternatives to GreatCall, feel free to reach out and chat with us. We would love to earn you as a customer! We are available by phone, chat or email.

Details About The GreatCall® Company

GreatCall is based in San Diego, California. The company was founded by Arlene Harris in 2006. GreatCall® offers health and safety products and services for older adults. On June 7, 2017, GreatCall announced that it was being acquired by the private equity firm GTCR. They continue to provide phone service although ownership has changed.

Details About Best Cellular™

Best Cellular is a multi-carrier prepaid wireless company that operates as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator on the nation’s largest wireless carriers. As a prepaid wireless operator using multiple carriers, Best Cellular is able to offer greater coverage than single carrier MVNOs while helping our customers find the best option for their lifestyle. Our policy is to find the best coverage in your area, eliminating as many dropped calls and missed texts as possible.

Best Cellular offers local, American customer service and we focus on creating American jobs. Learn more about our core values here.

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GreatCall® or Best Cellular™, What’s The Best Plan For Seniors?