When Was The First Cell Phone Call? Who Made The First Mobile Call?

World's First CellphoneThe first phone call in history was placed on April 3, 1973. Martin Cooper with Motorola placed the world’s first mobile phone call from a street corner 6th Ave. between 53rd and 54th in Manhattan.

What was the first cell phone call ever made?

Motorola’s Martin Cooper called his rival, Joel Engel from Bell Systems to tell him that the race to perfect cellular tech was over and that Motorola had done it first.  “Bell Systems” was a group of communications companies, led by the Bell Telephone Company. Bell Systems provided telephone services to much of the United States and Canada from 1877 to 1984.

The Motorola 8000X was the world’s first commercial portable cell phone. It cost consumers $3,995 at the time.  The world’s first cellphone was approved by the FCC on September 21, 1983.  Motorola made history when the FCC approved the Motorola 8000X.

What did the first cellphone service cost?

A post from Tom’s Hardware says that the original cost for mobile phone service was around $45.00 per month and included 0 minutes.  Every call was billed at $0.45 cents per minute, not including long distance costs or roaming costs if you went outside your metro area. Long distance costs billed at an additional $0.25 per minute and roaming charges were either $0.95/ minute to roam to a different carrier or “only” $0.69/ per minute if roaming to your same carrier.

When were cellphones created?

The first “car phone” call was placed on October 2, 1946 using Illinois Bell Telephone Company’s new “car radiotelephone service”.  These first car phones weighed around 80 pounds and had very limited service.

Pagers aka “Beepers” started being used by physicians in the New York City area in 1950.  Physicians carried a 7 oz pager that would receive phone messages within 25 miles of a single transmitter tower. The system was manufactured by the Reevesound Company and operated by a company called Telanswerphone.

In 1960, John Francis Mitchell created the first transistorized pager when he combined elements of Motorola’s walkie-talkie and automobile radio technologies.

How did cellphones get so popular?

When the Motorola 8000X cellular telephone became available in 1983, the cellphone was instantly recognized as a major status symbol.  If you owned a cellphone, you were definitely someone of major importance.

Top professionals, CEO’s and executives had cellphones so they always had access to immediate communication.  If you saw someone with a cellphone or car-phone, they were very important.  Factoring in the inflation since

Using the US Inflation Calculator, with today’s cost of inflation: a businessman on an out of town trip, using 1,000 minutes of long distance calls would cost $4,107.36 for that single month of phone service!  Keep in mind: the same cellphone that cost $3,995 in 1983 would cost $9,680.78 in 2017!

As technology grows at an ever increasing pace, the world’s first cellphone now seems like a dinosaur.  Even the most basic flip phones offer features like SMS messaging, Bluetooth connectivity and many offer GPS navigation as well.

Limited coverage is now becoming a thing of the past as well.  We use the towers from every major carrier in the USA in an effort to provide the Best Cellular coverage in the USA.  We’re in the process of launching Mobile Voice Over IP service to allow phones on every network place WiFi calls even when you’re out of cellular service (for example: in another country).

We are excited to be a part of the major jumps in global communication over the next few years!  Big things are coming!

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