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Best Wireless Coverage in Aledo, IL 61231Tucked away 35 minutes from neighboring larger cities, Muscatine and Galesburg, is one of the Western Illinois best-kept secrets, Aledo, Illinois. With a population of just over 3,600 residents – Aledo, IL 61231 is known to be a friendly, safe and quiet city that is the county seat of Mercer County.

In the 1850’s when the railroad extension made its way to where the city stands today, Aledo, Illinois received its name. The local post office has been up and running since 1856, providing the small destination with the zip code it continues to hold today, 61231.

The 2010 census revealed that Aledo is a whopping 2.392 square miles with 99.5% of that being land with 0.012 square miles being water. Aledo, Illinois holds two traditional festivals each year; The Antique Days hosted in September and the Rhubarb Festival, held every summer in July.

Locals depend on the two festivals as a means for generating income to its businesses as well as individuals that put a lot into their baked goods, crafts, music, and favored foods. During the Antique Days, the city goes above and beyond incorporating the residents, schools, and sports teams, with competitions throughout the entirety of the event.

Means of media include Aledo’s radio station, WRMJ, and its weekly newspaper, The Times Record. With all this activity during summer months filled with festivals and recreation, families no doubt have many guests choose Aledo as their vacation destination.

What is the Best Cellular Service in Aledo, IL 61231

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Best Cellular Service in Aledo, IL 61231



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