The Best Cellular Service for Jane Lew, West Virginia (26378)

Best Cellular service in Jane Lew, WV 26378One of the best parts of our job at Best Cellular is researching all the little (and not so small) towns throughout the U.S. to help our customers find what cell carrier works best in their area. We get to learn all about the great places that make up America and why we love to call it home.

Jane Lew, West Virginia is just one more piece of the huge puzzle that connects this great country. While researching the Best Cellular Service in Jane Lew, WV 26378, our investigation team found some great historical tidbits about this little community we’d like to share with you.

Jane Lew, WV 26378 – Interesting Facts

Jane Lew, West Virginia is a community located in Lewis County and has an estimated population of around 409 residents. Located about one mile from I-79, the little town received its name after the mother of the original owner of the site where the town exists today.

In 1835, Lewis Maxwell, (a member of Congress during 1827-1833), laid out the community and on May 27, 1907, the town became incorporated. In August 1879, the Clarksburg, Weston, and Glenville Railroad made its debut of the narrow railroad running from Clarksburg to Jane Lew.

The 1877 census of the town list two drug stores, two general stores, a saddler’s shop, tannery, pottery,  flouring mill, wagon shop, one church and one school. In 1903, Peoples Bank and The Bank of Jane Lew opened for business.

The largest known population was in 1920 with an estimated 560 townspeople residing in Jane Lew, WV. Jane Lew, WV may be small, but with it being just one mile from a popular interstate, Best Cellular understands why it is necessary for residents and travelers to need a reliable cell phone service.

Best Cellular Service in Jane Lew, WV 26378

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The Best Cellular Service for Jane Lew, West Virginia (26378)



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