Premium Dealer Portal (Included FREE)

Best Cellular is a dealer-focused MVNO. We understand that when prepaid wireless dealers succeed, we all share in the success. You need tools like the ability to activate & port phone numbers, run reports, connect with customers who have bills due soon, etc. Manage everything through your free premium dealer portal, (the Best Cellular Dealer Portal)!

  • ESN / IMEI Management – Use your premium dealer portal to load SIM Cards and ESN numbers to the carrier databases.
  • Wireless Activation – Activate or port numbers on any of the (4) major US wireless carriers under your premium dealer portal. Activate single, family and corporate plans including cross-carrier plans. Activate multiple lines on different carriers but share the same login username, password and account number! Businesses love this because they can send a dealer one check or credit card payment to pay every employee phone bill even if employees are on different networks!
  • Replenish – Make the full 15% replenishment commission each month when you pay your customer phone bill!
  • Auto-Pay/ Customer Service – If your customer sets up Auto-Pay, calls customer service or even if they pay their own bill online, you still make your full commission minus 3% merchant processing fee.
  • Customer Lookup – Look up accounts by first or last name, phone number, customer ID, account number, email, username, ESN/IMEI, SIM Card number, order ID, etc.
  • Subscriber Summary – Your dealer portal also includes a live ticker up top that shows your number Month To Date Subscribers, Total Active Subscribers & Total Subscribers at a glance.
  • Full reporting suite – Use the reporting suite (included free) to track how many activations & replenishment you’ve done by: day, month, year, etc. This reporting suite also allows you to track dealer commissions as well as total usage of Minutes, SMS & Web Data. See how many of your customers are on Auto-Pay, if their account status is: Active, Grace Period or if they’ve been Suspended.
  • Referral Program – Implement a referral program to reward your customers if they bring a friend!

Best Cellular Premium Dealer Portal - Best Cellular Dealer PortalCredential Based Access

Different access levels can be granted to users based on their login username. Manage everything in one place. No need to send your employees to one site and your accountant to another while needing a separate login for store managers to access in order to load your mobile wallet. Everyone can log into the Best Cellular Dealer Portal and each person receives only the access they need.

  • Log into the dealer portal using your dealer credentials. You’ll have access to all the features available to activate and port phones, manage inventory, etc.
  • Log in using your mobile wallet credentials. You’ll have access to your wallet but not to activate phones, pay bills, etc.
  • What if you log in as a customer? You’ll have access to pay phone bills in your account and manage your own account settings. If you’ve set up a family plan or corporate account, all phones or devices on that plan can be managed under the same login (even if they’re on different Nationwide networks).

This is a great feature to reduce confusion while training new employees or activating customer accounts!

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