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We are not currently accepting new DEALER applications but we ARE ACCEPTING new affiliates. If you own a website, become an affiliate and automatically get paid every time you refer a sale! Click the green button to proceed!

Please be advised that we are only accepting affiliate applications at this time unless we have spoken on the phone and approved a dealer application being processed.

Before applying as a dealer, please call 970-589-3433 first. We are currently trying to catch up with a huge backlog of dealer applications. We are in the process of training additional dealer support staff. Please accept our sincere apologies for the wait!

  • We ARE Accepting New Affiliates!
    Apply to become an affiliate by clicking the green button!
  • We are NOT currently accepting new dealer applications (without prior contact with our dealer support team)!

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Become a Best Cellular Dealer - Open your own store!
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Become a Best Cellular Dealer - Open your own store!
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Best Cellular dealers have access to activate their customers on Every Carrier Nationwide with No Contracts and No Credit Check. Make some of the highest profits in the prepaid wireless industry!