If you are a new or potential Best Cellular dealer and have questions about setting up or running your new Best Cellular store, here are some prepaid wireless dealers frequently asked questions & answers that may help!

The FAQ For Prepaid Wireless Dealers

  • Q: Is signing up to become a Best Cellular dealer similar to becoming a cellular franchise owner?
    A: We’ve got all kinds of resources for everything from signage, vehicle wrap companies, wholesale suppliers, business cards and even the best places to get your display cases.  We basically offer a franchise type setup without any type of franchise fees or the control that a franchise would require.  If you use our tools and resources that are already laid out to help you succeed, we drive sales to you.  Best Cellular is expanding nationwide and paying dealers the highest rates in the industry to help them become profitable from the start.
  • Q: How do I apply to become a Best Cellular dealer?
    A: Getting started as a prepaid wireless dealer can be pretty simple if you have basic knowledge of how to operate a desktop or laptop computer and have basic cellphone usage skills.  Check out this page about Getting started as a Best Cellular Dealer.
  • Q: Do I have to already own a retail location or cellular store?
    A: Many Best Cellular dealers start out with little or no business experience and no existing retail location.  One of the things our team LOVES is helping potential wireless store owners to set up their very own brand new business!  We welcome both existing wireless store owners as well as new and aspiring business owners to team up with us to build a profitable prepaid cellular business!
  • Q: Am I forced to only purchase phones and accessories (for resale) directly from Best Cellular?
    A: As a Best Cellular dealer, we allow you to buy and sell any type of phones, chargers, cases, and accessories you want.  We have resources for you to get great deals on phones and accessories but if you prefer to get some or all of your products from another supplier, we see no problem in that!  We are here to help you to make money and run a successful business!
  • Q: When I sell a phone or pay a customers phone bill, how long does it take for Best Cellular to pay the commission?
    A: With Best Cellular, there is absolutely no waiting on “spiff checks” or waiting to be “batched out” or “invoiced” to get your check in the mail.  We use the Best Wallet to allow a dealer to keep their profit right off the top when you pay a customers bill or activate their phone!
  • Q: Can I get training on how to run my cellular business?
    A: If you have the time/ ability to travel, we offer free training in actual Best Cellular retail stores to help you get started and learn the system!  We also offer remote support via telephone and remote access computers!  Our goal is to make running your store as profitable and enjoyable as possible!
  • Q: Can I sell anything I want in my store or do I have to only sell Best Cellular approved products and services?
    A: If you’re a Best Cellular branded store, you get to take advantage of all our national advertising and branding we’re launching.  We help you learn the ropes and get set up and we even and help drive customers to your store.  You can also just be an approved retailer and do your own advertising, build your own website and pay for your own search engine optimization.  Either way is cool with us!  We just want to help you sell service and make money!
  • Q: To be a branded store, what am I paying Best Cellular?
    A: There are NO LICENSING FEES to be a Best Cellular dealer!  We’re not trying to make our money by charging you ridiculous fees or by squeezing you on small commissions…  Our goal is to make is to provide the best service, the best coverage and great prices to your customers to make it as easy as possible to sell Best Cellular service over any other potential competitor.  The goal is to build our business and profit from sheer volume instead!  This can only be done by striving to be the best service and value available to you and your customers!
  • Q: I am very interested in doing repairs and selling accessories as well. Am I still able to do that?
    A: Sure!  You can sell Best Cellular service in an electronics store, a cellular screen repair store or an ice cream shop if you’d like!  If you have a good, honest business that has customers who love and trust you, you’re the business we’re looking to work with!
    We also don’t force you to buy your phones or accessories from us at a ridiculous markup like many other companies do.  Sell what you feel is best for your customers and we support you completely as long as it’s not immoral or unethical!  Find a good deal on eBay, Amazon or pawn-shop phones?  As long as you know you can stand behind them and your customer will be satisfied, sell them!  You keep all the profit.
  • Q: What is the pay for offering Best Cellular?
    A: We offer 15% INSTANT commission on every payment, right off the top.

These were a few of the most recent frequently asked questions but please feel free to contact us if there’s anything else you would like to know!  There are no stupid questions, only lazy answers!  If you have a question that other dealers may want to know, we may use it on our frequently asked questions page!

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