Best Cellular Rate Plans – Printable Fliers

Click to download Best Cellular Rate Plans – Printable Fliers (PDF file).

  • We recommend using a good quality “Ultra-Bright” white paper stock in standard letter size (8.5″ x 11″) and selecting “Color” print options.
  • Be sure your printer is set to “Landscape Orientation” and select “Auto-Rotate and Center” if needed.
  • If your printer offers the option, also deselect “fit to page” because you want the print area to be as large as possible.
  • Once you print these fliers on bright white paper, we recommend folding them so they’re easier for your customer to take with them.

How to Tri-Fold Best Cellular Rate Plan Fliers

These Best Cellular Rate Plans fliers can be folded in a tri-fold (a.k.a. “Z-Fold”) shape by following the simple instructions below:

  1. Print copies of the Best Cellular Rate Plan Fliers on quality white paper as instructed above.
  2. The text should be facing upward as though you were reading it.
  3. Fold the right part of the letter to the left. Fold it up and over so that the right edge lines up about one third the way to the left of the page. (You’ll see a small, black alignment dot at the top, approximately 1/3 of the way from the left side of the paper.
  4. Next, flip the folded paper to the right so it is face down.
  5. Now, the folded side will be in your left hand. Take the right side of the paper and fold it again to the left side that is now folded approximately  1/3 of the way across.
  6. This is called a “Z-Fold” and it will allow your fliers to be stacked or placed in a stand that shows the Best Cellular character on the front of each flier!

The printable rate plans above provide an easy way to look at a cell phone rate plan comparison. As our customer base keeps increasing, we pass the better rates on to our customers.

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Best Cellular Rate Plans – Printable Fliers