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Phone Number Port Request Form

Click the picture to download a Best Cellular Port Request Form.

Port Request Forms

When a customer wants to port their number in from another carrier, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • The information submitted must EXACTLY MATCH the information on the customers current account or the port-in will fail.
  • The customers account balance with their current cellular provider must be $0.00 or the port will fail.
  • When the customer contacts their current provider, many companies will tell the customer that there is no address on file and some will say there is no PIN number on file.  Have your new customer tell the rep that they want to ADD an ADDRESS & ADD a PIN number to their account.  (This will keep the port-in from failing).
  • It is a good idea to start a port request with at least 72 hours worth of service left on a phone.  Port-ins typically only take a few hours but can take as long as 72 hours for the old company to release a phone umber.
  • Account MUST BE ACTIVE in order for a port to be completed.  If a customer has a prepaid phone plan and the phone is shut off or late, the port will fail.

Here is a Port Request Information Form you can print and have your customer fill out to get their account information.

The customer can dial 611 on their current phone to get the account information but it’s easiest if they have a printed copy of their bill.

You can also log into the customer account (if they have their login info), and simply copy and paste all information into the Best Cellular activation portal.  (Easiest option).

Click the link below to download and print a Phone Number Port Request Form:

Port Request Forms – Best Cellular

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Port Request / New Activation Forms