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Have you been looking for the best prepaid wireless business opportunity available? A company that has cheap cellular plans with the best dealer commissions? If you’re ready to start a cellular store or become a wireless dealer, Best Cellular may be the best option for you! Best Cellular offers no contract, no credit check, prepaid cellular service as an MVNO using PCS, CDMA & GSM towers. Since we have access to every tower from every major carrier, you can always assure your customers that Best Cellular has the best service available. As a result, you never have to leave a customer without coverage again!

Best Cellular can help you get your business started. Let us give help you build the confidence and efficiency you need to take your business to the next level. Because our dealer support team offers personal assistance with training and questions, we remove the stress and major financial backing typically required to start a cell phone business. By doing so, Best Cellular makes it easy for experienced and new cellular store owners alike to become successful wireless retailers.

How to become a Wireless Dealer with Best Cellular

The first step to becoming a Premium Wireless Retailer – please fill out our Wireless Dealer Application. Once we have received and processed your application, we will reach out to you via the contact information you provide to discuss your business and how we can help you grow.

PLEASE NOTE: Currently, we are only accepting a limited number of applicants. To ensure adequate individual care, please fully complete the Best Cellular dealer application in order to prequalify. If you are looking for additional business options, we now offer an easy-to-use Best Cellular Affiliate Program.

What can Best Cellular do for a new Wireless Retailer?

As an official Best Cellular Wireless Retailer, you will be able to either activate existing phones or sell new phones on PCS, CDMA or GSM towers. Because we have access to every tower from every major carrier, your customers can activate existing phones purchased from other MVNOs. These include companies such as Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Cricket, PagePlus Unlimited, Metro PCS, etc.

Are you looking to stand out as a new cellular dealer? Best Cellular is ready to help you with every aspect of becoming a wireless retailer. Our experts can help you in all areas of building a new cellular store from the ground up.

When a cellular store becomes an approved retailer of Best Cellular service, we are available to help in many aspects of business development including:

  • Choosing the perfect location to build your store. A good location can make all of the difference in profitable foot traffic!
  • Suggestions on choosing power colors for your store-front and build-out.
  • Software and hardware recommendations – we can provide a list of the tools we use daily in our stores.
  • Inventory management solutions.
  • Wholesale purchasing connections for handsets and accessories.
  • Marketing and Advertising solutions.
  • “Secrets” to help you create happy, long-term customers.

Our Best Cellular prepaid wireless retail specialists have experience in every aspect of building and maintaining a wireless retail store. In fact, we are here to help your new cellular store be as successful as possible!

Contact Us at 970-589-3433 for more information on becoming the newest Best Cellular Prepaid Wireless Dealer/Retailer!

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