Congratulations on your decision (or curiosity) about how to become a prepaid wireless dealer!  In this brief article, we’ll create an overview of what you need to get started as a Best Cellular Premium Retailer.

Getting Started as a Mobile Dealer

Looking for information on becoming a Best Cellular Dealer? Look no further!

  1. First step – fill out the Dealer Application.  Once you submit your application, a Best Cellular dealer support specialist will respond to you as soon as possible! (Typically within as little as one business day!).
  2. Once your dealer application has been submitted, you’ll be directed to the Best Wallet site to create your mobile wallet account.  Using a mobile wallet allows rate plans to be purchased (at wholesale), at the exact time you sell plans to your customers!  With Best Cellular you don’t have to sit on an inventory of prepaid SIM cards or rate plans that you can’t get paid for until you sell them! (Pretty cool, right?)  When a customer pays you, you keep your profit right off the top and automatically make the wholesale purchase at the time of the sale!  (We can explain in detail if you have questions or if you’ve never used a Mobile Wallet account).
  3. Next, you’ll need to load your Mobile Wallet account with funds to make wholesale rate plan purchases.  Some potential Best Cellular dealers load their Mobile Wallet before even speaking with one of our business development experts! (Geez, ambitious much?)  To load your Mobile Wallet, simply go to: BestCellular.com and log in using the Username (mobile number) and password you chose when setting up your Mobile Wallet account.
  4. After you’re approved to become a Best Cellular dealer, your dealer application will be processed and one of our account managers will load your dealer application into the system to get you set up with your own Best Cellular dealer portal where you can do things like: Activate phones, port-in customer phone numbers, process bill payments, perform ESN swaps, etc.
  5. Click here to become a Best Cellular Premium Retailer: Become a Best Cellular dealer

One cool thing about BestCellular.com is that you can do literally everything from the same dealer portal!  Permissions are determined by which username and password you use when logging in.

If you log in with your Mobile Wallet account username and password, you will have access to all features of your Mobile Wallet.  If you log in with your dealer credentials, you have access to activate, port, replenish, run reports, etc.  If your customer logs in using the username and password you helped them create, they only have access to their own account!

If you have questions about the Best Cellular Mobile Wallet, please feel free to check out the Mobile Wallet FAQ page.

If you have any questions about becoming a Best Cellular prepaid dealer, be sure to check the Best Cellular Dealers Frequently Asked Questions page!

We look forward to helping you build a successful prepaid wireless business!

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