(GSM-A) APN Settings

Best Cellular GSM-A (AT&T) Programming Instructions
DATA & MMS settings for Best Cellular GSM-A (AT&T or unlocked GSM phones) – YOU WILL HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR PHONES APNs (or create new APN) (Access Point Name) to work on: Best Cellular (GSM-A)

Best Cellular (GSM-A) Network APN Settings:

Data Settings Value
Name  Best Cellular
Data APN  att.mvno
Port  80
MMS Settings Value
MMS APN or Server
MMS Username
MMS Password
MMSC URL  http://mmsc.cingular.com
MMS Proxy
MMS Port  80
MMS Maxsize
MMS Profurl
MCC  310
MNC  410
Authentication Type
APN Type  default,mms,supl

For iPhones:

  1. Connect to WiFi
  2. Navigate to: BestCellular.com/gsma
  3. Click “Install”.

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