Best Cellular PCS Prepaid Plans (PCS) “Yellow Network”

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Best Prepaid PCS Plans

Best Cellular (PCS) plans offer some of the best PCS prepaid plans around. You can use your own PCS phone and keep your number if you want! We don’t charge any hidden fees of any kind, and never will. We just provide the best prepaid wireless plans in the USA!


Best Cellular PCS prepaid plans offer coverage across the nation. To see if the PCS coverage is right for you, use our coverage map to review coverage, compare network speeds, and more! We offer this coverage map free to dealers and and customers so every customer has the coverage to fit their needs!

PCS Phones

Best Cellular can activate almost any PCS phone. We offer BYOSD in all of our stores. With 1,000’s of compatible devices, there are plenty of options for used phones compatible with our prepaid PCS plans. Or, buy a new phone! We offer great prices on new, certified refurbished, and used devices. You can purchase a new phone from your local Best Cellular dealer, or online. We have many PCS phones available on our online store. Not only that, we have the items you need to purchase a fully activated phone: SIM Cards, Tempered Glass, Cases, and more! We install all accessories for free! Fill out the online forum and have a pre-activated device shipped directly to your front door!

Every Best Cellular dealer offers free activation, free configuration, and free porting! No hidden fees! Best Cellular dealers are opening up all across the nation. Find a Best Cellular store near you! (To see if a store is coming to your town, visit our locations page).


Best Cellular is an American company with a strong desire to provide customers the very best in prepaid wireless services. We do not out-source any part of our business. By supporting your local Best Cellular store, you are providing American jobs and supporting your local small business.

Contact your local Best Cellular store to activate today!

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Prepaid Wireless Network
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Best Cellular (PCS),
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Best Cellular (PCS) service provides customers the best service for prepaid PCS plans, all on the Best Cellular nationwide network.