Open a Cellular Business in Colorado

Open a Wireless Retail Store

Cellular businesses in Colorado are on the grow!  We  offer the best cell phone coverage in Colorado and nationwide, on CDMA, PCS and GSM service.   Boss Cellular is making it easy to become one of the best wireless carriers in Colorado.

If you own a cellular business in Colorado and are ready to increase profitability selling phone service in Colorado, as well as simplify the sales and activation process,  we are the solution.

Benefits to Boss Cellular dealers of phone service in Colorado

Opening a cellular business in Colorado with Boss Cellular, offers many benefits for your cellular store. It will enable you to:

  • Offer cheaper prepaid plans (that are designed to provide more of what customers want) with the best cell phone coverage in Colorado , using PCS, CDMA and GSM networks.
  • Double or even triple your profit immediately with every prepaid wireless customers monthly bill payment. (No waiting weeks or even month’s, hoping your Master Agent will send the “spiffs”).
  • Simplify the process of activating and selling phone service in Colorado on major carriers of PCS, CDMA and GSM (through one single dealer portal!).
  • Replace the need to stock, and sort through and throw away  piles  of rate sheets/ fliers/ posters/ banners,  – endless updates of each prepaid wireless carrier in Colorado, that you currently carry. (Your cellular store can process all activation and replenishment needs for every major carrier you offer!)
  • Replace those old fashioned “prepaid cards” for your customers by simply applying their prepaid minutes directly through your Boss Cellular Dealer portal.
  • Set your customers up on auto-pay and continue to earn commissions.
  • As a cellular business in Colorado, your wireless store will get a Free listing  on the official Boss Cellular website for dealers of phone service in Colorado.
  • Simplify the “learning curve” for you and your employees, by only needing to train on One Dealer Portal. (Rather than trying to navigate through  the maze of websites of all the different wireless carriers in Colorado, that you currently carry.)
  • Access Customer Service assistance for every customer you have – using one Customer Service Call Center with a United States based call center.

 Open a Cellular Business in Colorado

Boss Cellular is setting up cellular businesses in Colorado and all over the United States of America.  We are focusing on helping retailers in Colorado, Utah, Nevada and  Idaho  now.  If you sell prepaid wireless in Colorado, contact us ASAP.

Boss Cellular is looking for prepaid wireless dealers in Colorado to become Boss Cellular dealers.  Boss Cellular offers many resources, to help dealers selling prepaid wireless services in Colorado be more profitable.

Open a Cellular Business in Colorado