Prepaid Wireless in Idaho – Best prepaid service for wireless retailers

Boss Cellular is looking for prepaid wireless dealers in Idaho to become official Boss Cellular dealers.

Prepaid Wireless in Idaho

As an official wireless retailer, Boss Cellular will help dealers selling prepaid wireless in Idaho, be more profitable while increasing customer retention.

Make more money selling prepaid wireless in Idaho

When opening a prepaid wireless store, there are many different MVNOs to choose from.  Boss Cellular offers the highest commissions to each retailer, as well as extremely attractive prices for the customers!

Benefits to Boss Cellular  prepaid wireless Customers

  1. Customers can bring in their own phone and have it activated on the Boss Cellular network in minutes!
  2. If a customer doesn’t have a phone or wants to upgrade, they can buy a new phone from basically any carrier and activate it without a hassle!  Even prepaid phones from Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, etc. can be activated!
  3. Boss Cellular will offer many plans as low as $15 per month for customers looking for cheap prepaid service in Idaho.
  4. Boss Cellular allows customers to choose a wireless plan that fits their needs.  Only need a few minutes, but want Unlimited text?  We’ve got a plan for you!  Want UNLIMITED everything?  We’ve got a plan like that, too!
  5. With Boss Cellular, You’re the Boss!
  6. You can pay your bill in any of the official Boss Cellular wireless dealers’ stores, or pay online or via our toll-free number.

Benefits to Boss Cellular dealers of prepaid wireless in Idaho

  1.  Dealers only need to learn and train their employees on one dealer portal and can activate phones on: PCS, CDMA and GSM networks under the Boss Cellular dealer portal.
  2. No need to stock tons of different fliers, rate sheets, posters, banners, etc..  Boss Cellular can cover all activation and replenishment needs for each dealer!
  3. Dealers make their profit margin immediately upon taking payment for each customers monthly bill!  No waiting weeks or months to get a check in the mail.
  4. No prepaid cards to deal with!  All payments can be made on the dealer portal!
  5. Dealers can set customers up on auto-pay and still make their monthly commission!
  6. As an official wireless dealer, your business can be listed in the official Boss Cellular dealers of prepaid wireless in Idaho directory for FREE!

Boss Cellular is setting up wireless retailers all over the United States of America.  We are focusing on on helping retailers in Idaho, Utah, California and Colorado now.  If you sell prepaid wireless in Idaho, contact us ASAP.