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In the past, customers cared mainly about getting the best priced prepaid cellular plans. After years, however, of dealing with poor cellular coverage, problems with outsourced customer service reps in another country (who don’t speak good English), as well as various billing issues, more people are looking for the Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans with the best service as well. Save money now and activate your phone online with no -contract!

Best Price Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

One of the main things most people are looking for when searching for the best prepaid wireless plans is to find the cheapest prepaid cellular service.

Until recently, paying less for your phone bill typically meant that you were going to sacrifice things like:

  • Cellular Call Quality
  • Being able to reach a customer service who speaks plain English
  • Not being forced to use an automated system to get any type of help

In order to reduce their costs, most prepaid wireless providers have chosen to outsource their customer service to other countries. While this is great for the phone company to save money, it’s frustrating to be a prepaid wireless customer with a question or a problem, and the only help you can find is some guy in India who tells you to ‘take the battery out of your phone.’

Best Cellular is a new, no-contract prepaid wireless provider that uses every major CDMA, PCS and GSM tower in the United States of America.

We have very competitive rate-plans, even though our entire business is owned, operated and managed by representatives in the USA!

What about customer service?  Best Cellular only hires customer service reps in the USA.  We have dedicated customer service reps, as well as dealer support experts in the USA.

Dealers all over the country are excited about Best Cellular and are calling our plans the best prepaid cell phone plans in America.

What are the best prepaid cellphone plans for coverage in my area?

Best Cellular uses every major CDMA, PCS and GSM tower in the nation.  If there is cellular service on any of these networks in your area, Best Cellular will offer the best prepaid cell phone plans there!

The difference with Best Cellular is we offer great cellular service, and we allow you to either activate your own phone, or buy a new one from us or purchase from any other dealer you wish!

Best Prepaid Cellular Plans – Community

One of the best things about Best Cellular, isn’t just the fact that we offer the best prepaid cellphone plans, but the fact that we are using our wireless company to build community and strengthen the economy across the United States.

By hiring American employees and paying them a very healthy wage, we are making Best Cellular a great place to work for people of all skill-sets!

We’re not only allowing prepaid wireless dealers to sell the Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans & Service, but we are also paying Best Cellular retailers the highest commissions in the industry.

We pay our retailers an instant 15% commission on every payment processed.  We don’t make a retailer wait weeks or months for a check in the mail.  They get paid instantly!

By paying Best Cellular dealers an instant, high commission percentage, the store owners are able to pay their employees a higher wage, and they, also, will have more money to spend in their local communities!

Best Prepaid Wireless Plans

When a customer is looking for the best prepaid cell phone plans, they are typically forced to buy a new phone to switch to a new wireless company.  With Best Cellular, you can get the best prepaid cellular plans and keep your phone if you like it!

We never force customers to buy a Best Cellular phone to get the Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans.  If you like your phone, keep it!  We can still connect you to the Best Cellular network, as long as your device has a clean ESN number!  (We can check it for free.)

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Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans & Service



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