Start a Cellular Store – Part 3 – (Prepaid Phones & Accessories)

This is the third post in our discussion on how to start a cellular store.   In this section, we will discuss what the best prepaid phones and accessories are to sell in a wireless store.

Prepaid Phones

If you are already running a successful cellular store, you can probably just skim over this article as a lot of it should be common sense.

If you’re a Best Cellular dealer, you can allow customers to bring in their own prepaid phones or contract wireless devices, if they like (or order them directly from the Best Cellular fulfillment center).  You can also order prepaid phones from other wireless wholesalers if you prefer.

Many prepaid MVNOs force a customer to buy brand new prepaid phones in order to start using that carriers service.  Best Cellular allows dealers to activate other prepaid phones and devices on our towers!

For example: If you are a Virgin Mobile & a Boost Mobile dealer, and sell your customers  Virgin Mobile prepaid phones, that customer is not able to activate that new Virgin Mobile phone on Boost Mobile (even though they both use the Sprint towers).  With Best Cellular, we allow dealers to activate Sprint, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, and other prepaid phones and wireless devices on the Best Cellular PCS network.

We will allow dealers access to activate any prepaid phones on our prepaid PCS network!


When you start a cellular store, you will soon realize that accessories are an additional profit margin, and also make each customer much more content and excited about their new phone or tablet!

The most likely time to sell accessories is when a customer has made the decision to come in your store and purchase a new phone.  They are excited to be picking out the phone they want and are the most motivated right then.  You can help them personalize it to their style (with cool accessories), as well as protect their investment (with a screen saver, case, etc.).

When selling a customer a new case, screen protector, car charger, etc., your focus SHOULD NOT be strictly on the money you’ll make.  Instead, realize you are truly trying to help the customer walk out with their new purchase, with no “buyer’s remorse”, feeling good that they wisely invested a little extra money to “Protect Their Investment,” as well as investing in a tool that simplifies many areas in their daily lives (planner, calendar, calculator, camera, night light, alarm, internet access, etc.). Adding a case and screen protector to your customers phone, not only protects the phone from drops, dings & scratches, but it allows the customer an instant sense of ownership and connection to the phone, which they picked out and designed.

Installing a signal booster antenna can be a good profit center. It also makes the new customer much more content with their prepaid phone, when they’ve got better cellular coverage than the guy standing next to them, who can’t place a call!

Best Prepaid Phones & Accessories to Sell

Choosing the best-prepaid phones and accessories isn’t as simple as picking the best phone, but boils down a lot more to your individual customer’s base needs.  Learn to ask good questions and listen to what your customer needs, rather than just trying to sell them something.

In a large, wealthy part of a city, prepaid dealers may find they have a much higher demand for the newest, fanciest, prepaid phones and 4G devices with large screens, blazing fast internet and great front-facing camera capabilities for “selfies.”

In rural communities, there may still be customers who desire high-end prepaid phones, but you’ll probably find that a large percentage of your farmers, ranchers, and manual laborers are looking for phones that are “heavy-duty”, water-resistant and rugged.

If your store is near an elderly community, many of your customers will probably want the simple to use flip phones with large screens, large keypads and easy to use features.  For this clientele base, basic flip-phones with very little text or data may be a better option.  It’s a good idea to take the time to help them set their phones up where it’s simple for them. Many elderly like the phones to answer when they flip them open, without having to find a button to push, as well as turn off when they flip the lid shut. Also, show them how to turn up all volumes to maximum loudness and help them choose a ringtone they can hear.  Possibly help program their loved one’s phone number into a speed dial key.  This small kindness will create you a loyal, lifetime customer, who sends their friends to you as well.

Know your customers and sell what they want!  DO NOT try to force a customer into something they will never use, just to make a bigger up-front profit.  Customer satisfaction is the key to longevity.

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Start a Cellular Store – Part 3 – (Prepaid Phones & Accessories)