Wireless store owners always seem to be searching for the Best CDMA MVNO to offer their customers and there are tons of different choices!

Best Cellular is being called the “Best CDMA MVNO” by many Wireless Retailers

Best Cellular is being called the best MVNO by many new retailers for a few major reasons.  If you’re a wireless retailer, contact Best Cellular to see if selling our CDMA MVNO service fits your business needs!


Best Cellular is not only a CDMA MVNO but also a GSM MVNO. We offer CDMA, as well as, GSM and PCS cellular service with no contract and no credit check.


With Best Cellular, the only thing your customer needs to decide is what plan works best for them.  If they have any type of PCS phone, you can activate it on the Best Cellular PCS towers!


As a Best Cellular wireless retailer, you don’t have to sell your customer a new phone, if they don’t want one.  You are now able to activate your customers existing phone on our CDMA MVNO (even if it was previously activated on another CDMA MVNO, like PagePlus Unlimited.

This CDMA MVNO offers some extremely competitive monthly plans for your customers and a great profit margin for each CDMA MVNO customer, who pays their bill at your wireless store!

Best Cellular dealers can make 15% instant profit, on every customer who pays their bill through your dealer portal!

We also allow wireless retailers to set the customer up with auto-pay and still make the 15% commission on each monthly bill!

If you own a wireless retail store and would like to offer Best Cellular CDMA MVNO service, please feel free to contact us.  We love helping wireless retailers make more money while reducing their workload!

We hope that you’ll agree, Best Cellular is the Best CDMA MVNO for most wireless retailers to sell!

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