How to Start a Cell Phone Store / How to Start a Cellphone Business

Tech minded individuals have a great opportunity to own their own prepaid wireless stores at a relatively low startup cost.  Cell phone stores can generate a very substantial income with a pretty low initial investment.  We can teach you the basics of how to start a cell phone store of your own!

How to Start a Cellphone Business

  • Location is key! A great location with lots of traffic is a must if you plan to have your own successful cell phone store.
  • Great signage and marketing materials can bring in a lot of customers.
  • Don’t get caught up in sneaky marketing tricks that some phone companies use to sign dealers.
  • Companies who pay “spiffs” with low residual percentages will make you a good profit initially but after a few months, you get stuck working for almost free.
  • There are many levels of dealer support.  Make sure you sell service from a company who actually cares about dealers and making you successful in the long term.

How to Start a Cell Phone Store

A few years ago, everyone was starting their own phone repair business.  Parts were incredibly cheap and you could replace a cracked iPhone screen in under 5 minutes for a huge profit.  As technology grows increasingly smaller and more difficult to work on, the cost of parts has risen as well.

Many screen repair or phone repair business owners have decided to start a cell phone store in order to supplement their repair business.

Learn how to start a cellphone business.  Make residuals every time a customer pays their phone bill.  We pay you each time a customer comes in instead of only getting paid once, when you fix their phone.

Activating phones and accepting replenishment payments can allow you to make a profit that keeps coming back month after month.

Learn How to Start a Cellular Store & How to Choose the Best Location – Part 1

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