Verizon Prepaid Account Number, Password & Contact Info

Verizon Prepaid account Number is 10-digits, a dash ( – ) followed by 00001 (0123456789-00001). and the password is your 4 digit security PIN. You can get your account number by logging into your myVerizon account, choosing Profile & Settings and then “Display My Prepaid Account Number”. Add -00001 to the end to the end of the displayed account number. Another way to get your account number without calling in: 1.) Log in to your Verizon Prepaid account. 2.) Right click anywhere on the page. 3.) Select “View Source”. 4.) Open a browser search box (CTRL + F on a PC, Command + F on a Mac). 5.) Search for “accountNumber” (without the quotes). Note: the number listed next to accountNumber is your account number.

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